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Why you should listen carefully to a rugby player – lessons from the Six Nations

“Communication in general is the most important thing in rugby. The game can be made so much easier with a simple bit of communication.” Keith Earls – Ireland Winger speaking in an interview last week.

There are similarities between a well-managed business and a team playing at the top of its game, and the three essentials as I see them:

  1. Trust
  2. Communication
  3. Awareness

Some of the finest moments from this year’s Six Nations have been instances of complete trust; either in self or others. Take Johnny Sexton’s injury time drop goal from 45 metres to snatch victory – serious trust in the training and self-belief won that game. You can read more about the value of trust in last month’s blog here.

  1. Communication

This post focuses on how excellent communication is equally vital, how it is tangible and a skill that can be learned. Just as in business, all members of the team need to be able to communicate effectively, and this takes many forms.

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Why team selection is only the beginning and how you’re more like a scrum half than you think…

In terms of sport and business, it’s impossible to avoid the fact that it’s all about the team.

Sometimes the team is visible as part of the game on the pitch or in the boardroom. Sometimes it’s invisible, like the physios, trainers and backroom staff making it all possible. Everyone has their individual strengths, expertise and areas of in-depth understanding.

As any fan knows, choosing the right team is crucial to success. Getting the right personnel together at the right time is important; sometimes a timely substitution can turn a game around – something to think about with the final tax deadline looming on 31st January 2018.

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Why managing a team is much like managing money

There is a universal truth apparent in most team sports and their fans – even though we know there can only be a very limited pool to pick from we still wait with baited breath for news of every team selection.

It doesn’t seem to matter what level or stage we are talking about, first match of the season or final of the Six Nations – the focus of the fans is just as intense.

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